Koi links

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Australian Koi Forum
An online forum for discussion of all things koi.

Zen Nippon Airinkai
The official Japanese website of Zen Nippon Airinkai

The AKCA promotes the hobby of keeping, breeding and appreciating koi in the US and Canada.

BKKS - South East Section
The official website of the South East Koi Club, part of the British Koi Keepers Society

BKKS - Koi Ireland
The official website of the Irish section of British Koi Keepers Society

Koi Directory UK
A UK online directory for all your koi needs.

Koi Art Australia
Koi Art Australia is managed by a group of koi kichi who have been keeping live nishikigoi for years and actively promoting art of koi keeping for the serious hobbyists.

South African Koi Keepers Society
The official website of the SAKKS

Founded in 2004, AussieKoi.com aims to provide koi keepers in Australia with the equipment and expertise that has, up until now, rarely been available to them.

Koi Italia
An Italian distributor of koi pond products, feed and koi care products.

Allcare Ponds
Allcare Ponds are pond builders, landscaping expert and suppliers of quality products for koi and pond owners.